Today, 2015: I would like to start smaller. This will be my place to practice coming up with solutions for the world’s problems.

Then, 2013: I think we all are a little optimistic: we vote, write, protest, all while hoping it will make a difference.

We are capable of so much more.

We, you and I, can change things. And I think this can be accomplished without violent revolutions. We just have to think. My dream is organized, peaceful, global action. If we want to stop human trafficking, what can ten of you in Italy, three of you in Dubai, and 27 of you in England do to make that happen? People are angry and worried about the NSA. Beyond protests, what can you, the mother in Germany, do with me, the student in America, and the salesclerk from Boston, Massachusetts?

So let’s start doing it.

I propose this: that an issue be posted, and you, the reader/world-changer, present your solutions. People can then vote yes or no to your solution. If people are in agreement about the proposed solution then the next step should be figuring out how to make that happen. And then you make it happen, or I make it happen, or we make it happen.